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In Development

“Family on Board” - A Short Film Big On Talent

Family On BoardActor and Director George Pogatsia Aligns Allstar Cast
Eric Roberts, Tony Sirico, Karina Arroyave, Matthew Cowles for Short Film

The Pizza Tapes

A dark humored, racially charged satire about a popular Brooklyn pizzeria that is mysteriously placed under surveillance.
The Pizza Tapes, synopsis

The Pizza Tapes, budget top sheet

The Pizza Tapes, budget details

The Pizza Tapes, comps

The Pizza Tapes, poster from the short film

5 Red Pictures

The Pizza Tapes, television sitcom

For questions or password requests, email

The following actors have signed a letter
of intent to appear in The Pizza Tapes:

Michael Madsen
Robert Davi
Michael Badalucco
Frank Vincent
Vincent Pastore
John Schneider
Nicholas Turturro
Arthur Nascarella
Paul Calderone
Tyson Beckford
Vinny Vella Sr.
Joe Rigano
BernNadette Stanis
Richard Portnow

Finalist, Visionfest feature screenplay competition

Winner of the Pioneer Theater's Short Film Slam in December of 2002.

"The film works beautifully."-John Coakley, SoHo Journal

"His love and appreciation for the craft are obvious throughout, as he delivers a truly remarkable performance by injecting just the right amount of subtlety and appropriate nuances in his character." -Brian Nilred, Guerrilla Filmmaker

Enterprise Corruption

1 Hour Television Crime Drama

At St. Judas halfway house, a master manipulator, recruits young cons to further his criminal enterprise.
Series outline

Rolling Thunder

Feature Film - Comedy

The misadventures of a suburban family during Rolling Thunder biker weekend in Washington DC.

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